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Almost nine months ago, I left Germany… and my nostalgia is reaching the point where I want to relive some of my time there by making at least one of the posts I never got around to.

By now, all of the mundane anxieties about reading maps and meeting trains have faded into the deep mist of the German forest* and all that’s left is golden, rosy memories of quaint medieval towns like…



*NOTE: I didn’t find German forests particularly misty; it’s just that I’ve been gone from Germany for so long now that when I try and picture it all I can see are Caspar David Friedrich paintings.



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… a quick overview of six little churches I visited in the suburban outskirts of Munich.


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Two weekends ago I went to see a real, true-blue Romanesque church, one of the few in the area around Munich. (Bavaria was caught up in the love of Baroque Catholic architecture, so most of its churches, even its small village churches, were rebuilt or at least redecorated in the Baroque era.)

I had never gotten around to researching outlying churches, but one of my language exchange partners, Peter, knew some places already. He has an interest in local history and has tracked down or accidentally discovered some of these very old churches.

(My interest in local history means I go to the Whatcom Museum and look at their (admittedly cool) photo exhibits of the logging days and other things, around a hundred or hundred and fifty years old. His interest in history means he goes to 900 year old churches. But I’m not bitter.)

So anyway: this church. (more…)

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Where were we…

The Domberg! It’s a self-contained complex of buildings on top of this hill, an episcopal quarter which includes: the Domkirche of St Korbinian and St Mary; the former episcopal residence and its attached chapel,  St John; cloisters for the former cathedral chapter; the cathedral library or Bibliotheksaal; and the Diözesanmuseum (in my previous post).


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Since I posted my three-part Warsaw epic, I’ve gotten a few hundred hits on those posts. Turns out some Polish forum about skyscrapers or building construction (???) linked to some of my pictures in their posts, and they seem to get a lot of traffic. Odd!

Anyway, I decided to finish up my trip from the weekend of the 28-30th before I go on. So on that Sunday, after I’d boarded the (teeny) plane that flew me out of Warsaw (not a bit too soon), I had a layover in Vienna from about 12-5pm. (Actually, it ended up being more like 6, but I didn’t know that, so I was stressed about my return journey the whole time.) I say “two hours” because I tried to get back by four, and it took about 35-40 minutes of time on the S-Bahn to get downtown, so I had somewhere around 2, 2.5 hours actually in the city.

Here it is, the Danube!

Every building in Vienna looks like this. (more…)

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