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I am skipping all kinds of stuff just to show you what I did this past weekend! I saw my first actual CASTLE RUINS.

This is Castle Ehrenberg (in Reutte, Austria), which lies on the Via Claudia Augusta, the Roman road that stretched from Venice to Augsburg. It’s part of a complex of fortifications — this castle, from the 13th century with multiple additions to the 17th century; an 18th century fort on the hill just above it; a 13th-14th century “klause” or hermitage guarding the road (the Via Claudia Augusta) through the valley; and a smaller 16th century fort on the opposite hill across the valley. This gorge along the River Lech was a strategic point from the Romans on up, and the Romans actually had a fort down in the valley, in Breitenwang, just next to the town of Reutte.

If that’s a little confusing, no worries… just look at the pretty pictures. (more…)


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I’ve put this off for too long! I’ve decided to post it and just not bother with making perfect commentary.

The castle chapel at Schloss Blutenburg!

Here’s the outside (viewed from inside the castle walls). The onion dome towers like this one that you see in Bavaria are not medieval, but Baroque. Aside from minor exceptions like that, however, this is a beautifully preserved late Gothic chapel. When I walked in (probably three or four weeks ago, now) I could tell right away how old it was and I was dumbstruck. I’d love almost any old or beautiful church, but to walk into one that is so obviously medieval is a really cool feeling. (more…)

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Okay, here comes the one I’ve been putting off: Schloss Blutenburg.

I went last week (or weekend? I forget) and took bunches of pictures. I also bought (for €4) a historical guide that I cannot read, and I have Wikipedia and a website to tell me about things in German, BUT IT’S OKAY, Google Translate is here to make things more confusing. That is to say, this took so long to post because I ended up typing almost the whole guidebook into Google Translate, sometimes phrase by phrase because GT does better that way. I think I’ve spent five or six hours on it already and I haven’t even done most of the chapel yet.


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