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Onward to happier things!

WARNING: This is my longest post ever. It is HUGE. Turn back now!

Salzburg! Since I never posted my pictures from when I went in November, I’ll stick a few of them into this post. This is one of them, taken from the Prince-Archbishop’s private chamber in the Festung (fortress) overlooking Salzburg. We didn’t go to the Festung this time… (more…)


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I hate to start off my series of trip posts this way, but, well. This is what happened.

My friend John, from SLU, is studying in Rome for the semester and came up on a trip to see Munich (he also visited Sienna and Assisi on the way), where I showed him around, and then we went together to Dachau, where I hadn’t been yet.

I think one of the reason I hadn’t been to Dachau (the concentration camp) yet is because of how close it is to where I live. It is only two S-Bahn stops away, or about seven miles from “my” house. It was strange to finally visit. After six months here I feel enough familiarity and loyalty for this area of Munich that going to the camp left me with an odd sense of betrayal. It is so hard to believe that this could have happened anywhere — but here in these quiet suburbs?


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Last Saturday (look how prompt I am! this post is not even a week old!) I took the afternoon to ride to a little village not too far away so I could find MORE CELTIC RING FORTS. (Or whatever I should be calling them — in German they are Viereckenschanze or Keltenschanze, referring to the fact that they are raised earthworks which are rectangular in shape and/or were made by Celts. See how that works?) Here is a link to the Wikipedia article, if you want to hazard Google Translate (or, I guess, if you read German).

You might remember that I visited one a couple of weeks ago when I explored the Roman roads — but that site had been excavated and studied, and was set up like a (modest) tourist or cultural site. This time I found one that was just out in the woods and has never, apparently, been closely studied. Then I came home and realized that there is a second enclosure in the same part of the woods, which I wasn’t aware of and so didn’t look for — AND there are also some remains of an old castle or fortified watchtower, further up in the woods. So I’ll definitely have to go back another time and find those, although it’s hard to locate them exactly on the map. (more…)

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It has been snowy and cold here for at least a few weeks, making my afternoon and evening walks more picturesque and much colder. This morning when I went to church, it was -16 Celsius, or 3.2 Fahrenheit. Last night, it was 1 Fahrenheit. Cold.

St Martin’s, the church down the street from my house. This was a couple of weeks ago and we have more snow now. (more…)

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The other weekend I rode the S-Bahn down to Gauting and walked east to Buchenhain, about 11.5 km — 5 or 6 of which was on the exact line of the old Roman road that ran through the area. Here’s the map of my trek: (more…)

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