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I want to get all my Christmasy pictures posted before Christmas is over, so watch out, here we go. Let’s start out with a few more pictures of Christkindlmarkt stalls.

The stressed and preoccupied expressions on their faces here kind of negate the rest of the Christmas cheer, but somebody has to work to sell the stuff! (more…)

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No, I haven’t charmed my family of five children by teaching them to sing. They already know how to sing, and J. (host dad) is really into all kinds of classical and traditional German folk music. I think it’s awesome, although I’m really very ignorant about traditional music. But over the last couple of years I’ve been trying to educate myself about it, and at the very least get used to listening to it. So it is kind of nice that I came to Germany, because I have something to tell you:

Germans love music. Of course, not every German is obsessed with Mozart or Renaissance polyphony or going to classical concerts, and if you go into a store or anywhere in public, there is a 90% chance that you will hear good old American pop music, but compared to many other places their musical tradition seems to be THRIVING. I will prove this by a series of anecdotes. But first I need to make a small detour, so bear with me.


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