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St Michael, aka, The Jesuits Come to Germany. (more…)


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A few snapshots

Here’s a few smatterings of what else I’ve been doing:

1) NOT going to Oktoberfest at the Wies’n. Last week the weather wasn’t great and I didn’t feel like going, and when I tried on Sunday, this is what the U-Bahn to the Wies’n looked like. All those people were trying to get on. So I left and

2) Saw some famous paintings at the Alte Pinakothek. I burn out very quickly on art museums, so I only spent an hour or so here before leaving again.

3) Touristing. Welcome to Bavaria.

4) Visiting my first biergarten. I realized it’s kind of weird going by yourself, so I don’t know when I’ll be back. Except that, most important of all:

[not pictured]

5) I made my first friend! She and I both showed up for the English-speaking Mass at Allerheiligen am Kreuz, but apparently it wasn’t being held that day. So we walked up the street together to St Michael, and went to Mass there (in German).

Here’s St Michael by the way – the first time I went, last week, and then on Sunday afternoon, still full of incense from that day’s Masses.

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I have a lot to post, so I’m just going to start.

Two weeks ago (!) I went downtown for the first time, inside the old medieval walls (now the ring road), and visited a few churches. The first was St Peter’s, called Old St Peter’s, because it’s the oldest parish church in Munich.

The oldest remains date from 1150 (Munich is, really, one of the “newer” big cities in Europe) but there was a pre-Merovingian church on the site (hint: the Merovingians ruled from the 5th-8th century) and monks lived here in community sometime in the 8th century. “München” is related to the Old German word for monks, and that is how the whole city became a place, instead of just a bend in the river.

(This is just a picture from Wikipedia – I couldn’t get a good one of the whole building.) (more…)

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I never quite finished posting my tour of the churches in the neighborhood. So here goes:

Sts. Peter und Paul

Peter und Paul was the local parish church for the village of Allach (just to the north of me) from sometime in the 8th century until Maria Himmelfahrt (“Church of the Assumption,” or by my literal translation, “Mary Rides to Heaven”) was built in, ahem, 1955. Accordingly, it’s been through several architectural incarnations, and today maintains a mixed Gothic and Baroque exterior with a very Baroque interior.


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The parade was AWESOME!!! I LOVED it!!! I loved it so much I stood in the rain watching it for the entire two and a half hours.

Yes, it was raining… but the crowds who came out were pretty happy with their hoods and umbrellas. I was standing next to a family from England (I never spoke with them though) and a couple of very friendly middle-aged German men who were really into it, waving and clapping.

So I have a LOT of pictures to post. It’s still only a fraction of what I took — and what I took is only about one third of the parade, because my camera battery went out after less than an hour (but I squeezed a few more out of it later in the parade). Maybe they’ll start to all look the same, but don’t worry, my terribly interesting commentary will keep you glued to the screen.

This stern young policeman was stationed in front of me almost the whole time… the only time he broke a smile was when one of the ladies in the parade, with rain-soaked hair, stole his hat as she marched by, and put it on. He had to trot down the street after her to get it back, and it was pretty funny. (more…)

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I went downtown this afternoon and evening, to find the English bookstores, which I did:

(Not bad, but not great. Which is good. It’ll help me save money.)

But way before that, as soon as I got onto the S-Bahn platform in Allach, I started seeing lederhosen and dirndls. EVERYWHERE. Four out of five people were wearing at least some article of Bavarian costume…


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