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I’m not starting to post yet (I think), but I wanted to get it going while I had the idea.

I’m going to Germany to be an au pair from September (2011) to the end of July (2012). The family lives in Munich and has five kids, although for reasons of privacy, I don’t know if I’ll be writing much about them.

What I WILL write about is the geeky history major exploits I’ll have while living in Europe! I’d like to have lots of them — we’ll see how my funds hold up. I concentrated in (early) medieval history in college — and I got to do ridiculous stuff like (try to) read 8th century Latin poetry and (fail to) decipher Merovingian bookhand and (briefly) memorize Charlemagne’s succession of sons and grandsons (Louis the Pious, Charles the Fat, Louis the Simple). Yet I’ve never been east of Detroit (or west of… where I live). And I love Church history, but I’ve never been to a church older than this one (NOTE: that church is still pretty old! and awesome) or a monastery older than this one. I’m really excited.

So I think most of what I post here will be pictures and recaps of my explorations, with many detours to talk about history, architecture, and my impressions of life in Germany.


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